Ashley Rose – Wine Consultant

As an enthusiast of proper relaxation and appreciation of decadent things, Ashley started her thirst for delectable wines in the Winter of 2005 upon a rooftop overlooking a beautifully preserved town in Spain. Mind you it was at Pizza Hut but the magic was there! As she moved around Germany in her youth, a love for an effervescent, malty beverage known as beer took place in her heart. Oh the pairings and joys that went along with these two beverages traveled with her through the hills of Virginia, the rolling acres of Napa, and the streets of Bend. And what a better place to end up but Heathen in Vancouver!

She slings brews at the public house, sharing her delight and knowledge of the craft with her fellow beer enthusiasts at the bar, and now also sits atop the beautiful Heathen Estate, taking in the views and sharing the start of a beautiful new adventure with Lynda, who’s knowledge passion for the craft of wine will knock your socks right out of your sandals!

Lynda Lathrop – Wine Consultant

In 1998 Lynda acquired an appreciation for wine. It’s mystic nuances peaked an interest that started her research in the wine industry. Lynda delved into books and talked to wine makers to acquire as much knowledge as possible to open a wine & gift shop in downtownVancouver in 2001. In 2005 she began her studies with USSA (United States Sommelier Association). Lynda loved using her homeworkon customers when it came to wine and food pairing. Lynda’s admiration for the wine business is constantly growing, from small grape growers who make their wine in barns and garages to multimillion dollar businesses. Specializing in wine education, industry training, wine list consultation, food and wine pairing is her obsession. Upon closing her shop in 2009 she started working for local wine businesses in Clark County. Lynda has admiration for each and everyone of them.


Andy Thomas – Wine Maker

After living in Hawaii for nearly twenty three years, Andy and his family moved to the emerging, but apparently already famous, wine region of Walla Walla. There were actual vineyards there — and wineries. Six of them! There was also a lot of wheat and onions. Andy decided to go with the wine. Andy decided he was going to figure out how to do it, with a LOT of help, of course. Andy has been making wine in Washington and Oregon for about twelve years now, and a great addition to the Heathen horde.



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